April 28, 2016

Progress in the penis enlargement world

My grandfather and my father always told me that every problem had a solution. I was learned that way since I was a kid. Therefore, if you tell me that something cannot be done, I will be more determined to prove you wrong. I was learned that way and I do believe if more people had been learned that way that there weren’t be many problems there are in all aspects of our lives. So when I found out that there aren’t solutions to the problem of penis enlargement, I was more determined to find an answer to this important question. I say important because people can be unhappy if the measurements of their phalluses are under an average level. Not every people are blessed with well-equipped package. So I wanted to go into the research of penis enlargement to find a solution.

My first stop was looking for a medical solution because if we can improve almost everything today in the terms of plastic surgery, then why could we do something for our “pride”? Turns out that, any respectful surgeon or urologists are not advising people to go through the procedure of penis enlargement. As a matter of fact, after the patients listen to all the side effects of the operation, most of them go home without a doubt. I was surprised to hear that doctor cannot help people in this issue because I believed that we progressed so much that we can talk and deal with this setback. But I wasn’t ready to stop, because as there are other therapies for illnesses there must be a way to improve measurement of your penis.

penis-enlargemenSo my second stop was to look all these ads that are attacking me while I am on the internet. That’s right; I am talking about pills and supplements that will enlarge your penis. I am sure you all saw these ads, and not just on adult websites. That’s a whole different problem but we will talk about that debate some other time. Anyway, these pills and supplements are for some people, the real solution to their problems. People behind these ads are promising you a significant improvement of your phallus measurement for a reasonable price. But, firstly, let me alarm you about the price. They are not cheap but if you look differently to that aspect, you wouldn’t spare money on something that will help you. Probably that’s why these pills cost so much. However, no one can promise you improvement by using these pills and supplements. They are not proven 100% and some say that only improve people see because of the placebo effect. There are also health’s side effects no matter these pills are based on healthy ingredients. So this was not pleasing as well.
penis-longer-artMy third, and turns out my last, stop was other methods. All of them sounded nasty and not reassuring. Terms like penis pump and jelqingare simply a thing that I will not check out.
So my mission wasn’t so good, but there are some positive sides. If we can talk about this problem now and not just be quiet about it, then that is also a progress. Don’t you agree?

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